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there's a bit of a conversation starter going around lj-land, so i'll jump on it as a way of getting the old juices flowing.

take a look at my interests. now, pick five of them and post a reply asking me to talk about these. i'll post responses and we'll all have fun. i promise.

Date: 2007-10-03 04:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lowersecond.livejournal.com
1. blue collar men
2. felching
3. incest
4. rugby
5. rodeo


Date: 2007-10-04 03:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fagitprop.livejournal.com
you've gone for the gusto! three picks around types of men and two with transgressive sex as the theme.
  1. blue collar men
    i grew up around blue-collar men, and even though i'm not one i retain my interest in them, especially when it comes to sex. part of it is the cultural presuppositions: they're unshaven, hairy, smell of beer and like their sex sloppy and unpretentious. what's not to love? i also like the fact that most of the blue-collar men i've known are direct, there's little of the game-playing you find with other guys. it's often the case that blue-collar guys locked into an early marriage and dealing with the same economic and social realities as the rest of us, are appreciative lovers. a blue-collar guy getting his frustrations out on my ass, or by pumping a load down my throat leaves a very happy man.

  2. felching
    pumping a load deep in a sweet ass and then eating it back out... again, what's not to love? alas, i haven't ever had the opportunity, but man i would love to if i could do so. i'm sure part of the charm is in the now-transgressive act of fucking raw and shooting my load deep inside a man; i get hard thinking of it. part, too, is the visual of the bottom's hole pulsing and a stream of my cum oozing out... running my tongue across that sweet hole and tasting me.

  3. incest
    i've always been a sucker for brother-on-brother sex, cousin-on-cousin, and intergenerational familial sex. of course, the reality of these situations is vastly different than the fantasy of fuck films or one-handed fiction, but the fantasy isn't about reality, is it? i'd love to be the meat in a familial sandwich, to have a man fuck me as i fuck his (adult) son; to have two brothers take me at either end (and maybe suck my load out of one's ass while the other fills me). funny, i never had incestuous feelings about the men in my family (the ewww factor is way too high); i did see the non-related husband of a family member nude when i was young, and have wanked to that image ever since i could wank (yeah, he was that hot).

  4. rugby
    i love the sport. i don't really much understand it, never having played, but love watching men be that way with each other. i'm a thigh-and-ass man, so rugby really floats my boat; i love seeing their thighs bulge and strain, love watching their round asses pulse with effort. it's beautiful.

  5. rodeo
    rodeo is much like rugby and blue-collar men: men being men, without pretense and artifice. rodeo demands skill, brute strength and manual dexterity, and those are all things i appreciate. i really enjoy the afterglow of a roper/rider after his event has finished; exuberant in triumph or downcast in defeat, the effort shows. i haven't had sex with a rodeo competitor (would-be cowboys, even at rodeos, yes, but no real competitors... yet), but i would love to. in the barn, on his horse blanket or pushed up against the stall wall. or maybe under the stands, just after his event. we can flip for top. or bottom.

is this good?

My Fav's

Date: 2008-06-23 05:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] solofister.livejournal.com
Public Sex
Drunken Sex
Locker Rooms


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