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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
this is my adult journal, and the content is comprised almost exclusively of my writing about my sex life.

it is recommended that individuals below the age of majority go elsewhere for fun; regardless of your age, if you don't feel up to the challenge of an unapologetically robust sexuality, please leave. it is strongly suggested that people who don't like the word fuck—as a noun, verb or expletive interjection—go fuck themselves.

i do not believe it is possible, in this dispensation, to be a republican in the united states of america and have any business reading this journal. if you are a republican, please consider yourself politely escorted to the door.

i identify—societally, socially and politically—as a gay man. in truth, i am a bisexual man with almost exclusively male/male sexual habits. i do have sexual feelings and experiences with women, but at a much lower rate than those with men.

my intent in keeping this journal is to find a literary expression to what is both a personal and political journey: my sex life. in that, i hope to learn and to engage
others about my life choices (the homo part is not a choice; the sexual part is), to the benefit of my writing and the expression of my political and other convictions.

i have no patience for the forces of oppression. we know who they are; enough said. i am occasionally cruel, but never without warrant; i cheerfully mock and heap abuse on those who would destroy my life and the lives of people i love, like and fuck. if they don't like my fucking life, they should stay out of my fucking life.

this journal is friends-only; i have learned my lesson. if you wish to be added to my friends list, comment on the entry you can see and i'll take it under advisement.

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aggressive bottoms, anal sex, analingus, anonymous sex, ass, asslips, backrooms, bears, beefy men, bi guys, bi men, big cock, bike shorts, blue collar men, body hair, bottoming, bottoms, chasers, chest hair, cock, cocksucking, college jocks, construction workers, cowboys, cruising, cubs, cuddling, cum, dildos, dilf, dominance, drunken sex, eating ass, exhibitionism, facial hair, felching, fellatio, fisting, foreskins, frats, fuck buddies, fuck clubs, fucking, fucking straight men, furry chests, gangbangs, gay, gay fisting, gay men, gay sex, glory holes, group sex, guys, gyms, hairy, hairy butts, hairy chests, hairy men, handballing, hot guys, humiliation, hung guys, hunks, incest, jizz, jock straps, jocks, kink, kinky sex, kissing, leather, locker rooms, m2m, macho, male physique, marines, masculine men, masturbation, men, men's asses, military, morning wood, musclebears, musclemen, muscles, muscular men, naked guys, naked pictures, navy, no strings sex, nude, nude pics, nudity, open relationships, oral sex, orgies, porn, post-bears, pounding holes, public sex, pups, rimming, rodeo, rough sex, rugby, sailors, secret lives, secrets, sex, sex clubs, sex journals, shaving, shirtless guys, sleeping naked, sleeping nude, small dicks, smooth men, sodomy, speedos, straight men, studs, submission, subverting the dominant paradigm, sucking tits, swallowing cum, swapping cum, sweat, tattoos, throatfucking, tit play, topping, tops, truckers, twinks, uncircumcised, uncut cock, underwear, vintage porn, voyeurism, watersports, working class, working out, wrestlers, wrestling, x-rated journals.
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